My Last Blog Post


It has been an amazing few months writing this blog and I hope that someone enjoyed/learned a little while reading it.  Over the course of this last semester I have learned so much, not just about blogging and other forms of media, but I have also learned about travel.  As I wrote each post, I learned more and more about one of the things I love most.  This blog wasn’t just about me giving you information I had stored over years of experience, I was learning at the same time as all of my readers.  

Although this will be my last post, I will continue to learn and travel as much as possible and I hope you all do the same.  Traveling is a unique experience that everyone should witness at least once in their life.  It tells you things about yourself that you would have never known otherwise and gives you experiences you never thought possible.  I hope you continue reading these types of blogs and maybe even start your own one day.  Thank you so much for following, reading, and commenting and I wish you all the best.



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Traveling Thrill Similar to that of a Surprise Party


Traveling can be such a fun and exciting time.  You not only get to try to cuisines and see new places but you also are surprised by things so frequently.  If you can’t travel and experience the things I’ve just mention, don’t worry, there are other options.  Going to a restaurant with your friends it fun.  Going to a foreign food restaurant with friends is even more fun.  Imagine going to a foregin food restaurant with all of your friends in order to surprise one of them for their birthday.  Although it may not be the same thrill you get when seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time, the anticipation and excitement of a surprise party is one that is indescribable.  Whether it’s a surprise for you or a friend, surprise parties are always something that can really bring a group together.  Below, I’m going to list a few of my favorite things about surprise parties and how exciting they can be and I also will show you a soundslide of one I recently went to.


  • You get to see friends you don’t usually see on a regular basis.
  • The anticipation of the guest arriving is incredible.
  • If it is your surprise party, well thats amazing in itself.
  • Surprise parties are a special way to let someone know how much they really mean to you.
  • They make someones day, and isn’t that enough of a reason to have one?
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Summer Vacations on a Budget

Vacations can be extremely expensive when you’re traveling with a family. However, with the summer months approaching, many families are still trying to find ways to spend time together while vacationing.  I found this article that lists some fun, yet cheaper, options for a summer vacation.  The list is broken down into what kind of vacation you are looking for and has some really interesting and great ideas.  I’ll give a little run-down of each location below, and if interested you can go to the website where I found the list.

  • If you’re looking for a camping vacation, Medomak Camp (a family sleepaway camp), is great for the entire family is housed in Rockland, Maine.  You know what you’re paying before you get there and once you pay their base fee, you don’t have to spend another dime (so no accidentally spending over your budget).  The base fee covers your stay, activities, and meals.  Some highlights of Medomak Camp are a lobster feast, yoga, massages, kids crafts, sports, kayaking, sailing, and sculling (type of rowing).
  • For a beach vacation, Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort, is a place your family will love.  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a very affordable vacation spot in general.  Some notable activities for Sea Mist are admission to resort’s water park, admission to the Family Kingdom Amusement and Water Park, large playground, mini golf, free movie theatre, and pets are permitted so no leaving Max at home (unless you want to).
  • Thinking of trying an adventure vacation?  In Oak Hill, West Virginia lies the Ace Adventure Center.  With a great location on the New River Gorge National River, you can go on rapids, zip-line tours, horseback-riding, kayaking, and rock-climbing for a fee.  There are also inflatables on the lake, a water-park, and hiking for no extra charge.
  • The high temperature rise in St John, US Virgin Islands, the prices for an eco-lodge take a dip.  At Maho Bay Camps, rooms are tents that are connected by wooden walkways.  Although it doesn’t offer as much bells and whistles as some of the other options, it has a beach and that’s enough fun in itself!
  • Sometimes families who are not from highly populated areas, would love to see a city vacation.  What better place to experience this than Boston, Massachusetts.  The Landmark Orchestra plays free concerts in the middle of the week, or you could cruise on Boston Harbor, watch a baseball game, visit Six Flags, Cape Cod, or check out the Freedom Trail.  Boston offers so many different options, your family is sure to love it.


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Travel Activities for Kids

Traveling can be such a fun time for all ages of a family and can be a great bonding experience.  Unfortunately, traveling with children can sometimes prove to be a bit difficult.  Keeping them entertained on a long car ride or flight can be very difficult for some families so having activities is a great way to pass the time.  Here is an article that gives a list of some unique activities and games that children can play while traveling.  A few of the things I liked to do when I was younger were playing a handheld video game, listening to music, or when I got older I really enjoyed reading books and magazines. There are so many different activities that are suitable for travel and I’m sure your child would be happy with a number of them. 

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Uniqueness All Around the World

With Grand Prix happening at Purdue this week, it has made me think even more about how many cities all around the world have something unique to them.  Grand Prix is an awesome event that not many people know about outside of the Purdue community.  What are some unique events, festivals, etc. that you can think of in a city or town near you?

You may think that a place has nothing to offer because you have never heard of it, but sometimes you can be surprised by the hidden and unique things that take place all around the world.

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Grand Prix

When you travel to a city, a lot of the time you will make an effort to attend their special events whether it be festivals, parades, or other things that are unique to that location.  If you’re unable to travel, this week is a great week to get out and participate in events here on Purdue’s campus for Grand Prix.  This week isn’t just about the race on Saturday but it is also about all the fun activities and camaraderie around the campus.  Here is a list of some unique and fun events (that are substance-free) to attend throughout this week.  

If you are looking for a general overview of some ways to celebrate and enjoy the week, a few of my favorites include: getting (a long) lunch at Harry’s, checking out the specials offered by campus bars at night, getting a den pop and walking around campus, or just playing games/hanging out with friends outside (with or without a beverage of your choice).  There is something that everyone can enjoy about this week and seeing as finals are right around the corner, you might as well enjoy it as much as possible.


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Purdue Day of Giving

It seems as the years go on, things get to be more and more expensive.  Traveling is a luxury that often gets overlooked because of bills, payments, and providing for a family.  Unfortunately, many young adults are unable to not only travel or study abroad, but many struggle to even afford college.  Whether your dream is to share your ideas, live in Italy for three months, or just attend Purdue, there is something that can help. On April 30th, Purdue will be holding a Day of Giving in which it helps supports students and gives opportunities that could change lives.  Whether you have a desire to attend Purdue, study abroad, or make your dreams a reality, this day is one you should absolutely check out.

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Unique Facts About Well-Known Hotels


When we travel, most of the time we end up staying in hotels.  They’re easy, people clean up after you, and they’re a great option if you are only staying in a place for a short amount of time.  However, they can also be extremely unique and have their own type of personality.  Whether it’s historic, urban, or just interesting, this list has several well-known hotels along with facts that are unique to them.  Not only is it interesting to learn about these different landmarks but it might even inspire you to stay at one.

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How to Pack a Carry-On

It can seem impossible to pack all of your “necessary” belongings for a trip in just a suitcase.  Think of how much more difficult it would be to pack everything you need into a carry-on.  Unfortunately, this can be necessary at times because of time constraints or to save money on luggage fees.  When I went on weekend trips while I was study abroad, it was necessary for me to pack a variety of things into a small carry on and hope that I had everything that I needed for the weekend.  This article has great information on how to utilize packing with your carry-on.

Here are a few carry-on tips from my own personal experience.

  • Use space bags.  A lot more clothes for a smaller space.
  • Bring clothes that can be worn more than once.  Jeans, sweaters, or other sturdy items that won’t wrinkle easily.
  • Only bring what you’ll really need.  You don’t need black, brown, and tan boots for just a few days. Pick the pair you’ll wear the most.
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Local activities to enjoy on your own

A love of travel is one that so many people contain but are unable to follow through with at times. At Purdue, I’ve found ways to feel that excitement of something new without having to spend the amount of money I would on a plane ticket and hotel. Here are a few of my favorite ways to mix things up and skip my routine.

-Try a new restaurant.
-Learn a new activity.
-Spend time with someone you don’t normally see.
-Study somewhere you’ve never been before.
-Read a book you haven’t heard anything about.
-See a foreign film.